Midwest Energy News: Clean Energy Groups Leading on Utility Changes

May 8, 2017 | Media

From Midwest Energy News:

Following a two-year study on how to transform utility regulation in Minnesota, clean energy groups are now closely involved with pilot projects that begin to implement some of those changes envisioned.

This month the Great Plains Institute and Center for Energy and Environment will oversee a group studying an Xcel Energy proposal that tests the concept of charging customers based on when they use energy under a time-of-use rate pilot.

The two groups also led the two-year effort known as the “e21 Initiative” that enlisted more than three dozen representatives of various energy-related organizations to imagine new ways to compensate utilities in a rapidly changing landscape.

Xcel will use the group’s input prior to seeking final approval for the program from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. One of the ideas of the e21 Initiative was to determine whether getting input earlier might move ideas faster and cost organizations less during the regulatory process…

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