April 18, 2019 | Media

Commercial Property Executive: Five States to Watch in 2019

The e21 Initiative’s work on performance-based regulation was mentioned in Commerical Property Executive as an effort in one of the Five States to Watch. The excerpt below was published on…

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April 18, 2019 | Media

T&D Magazine: Pursuing the Electric System of the Future, Before You Have To

Below is an excerpt from an article Doug Scott, vice president of electricity and efficiency at the Great Plains Institute, wrote for Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Magazine. Excerpt originally published in T&D Magazine on April 12, 2019. Read the full article here. 

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March 18, 2019 | Media

Utility Dive, Opinion: Steel-for-Fuel, Data-for-Fuel, and Other Good Ideas for Asset Retirement

Carl Linvill, principal, and Megan O'Reilly, associate, at the Regulatory Assistance Project contributed this article Utility Dive.

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January 11, 2019 | Media

Utility Dive: PUC Order Keeps Minnesota Ahead of the Curve on Performance-Based Regulation

Trevor Drake, program manager for electricity and efficiency at the Great Plains Institute, was interviewed about performance-based regulation. This article was published on Utility Dive’s website on…

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April 26, 2018 | Media

Utility Dive: How Minnesota is Inching Toward a New Oversight Model

Utility Dive’s Herman Trabish takes a “deep dive’ into the e21 stakeholder process to explore performance-based regulation in Minnesota. From Utility Dive, April 24th, 2018: Performance-based regulation needs more…

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December 22, 2017 | Media

Utility Dive: Has Xcel Minnesota Designed the Ideal Residential Time of use Rate?

Article highlights Xcel Energy’s draft Time of Use Pilot, which was developed with input from a 6-month stakeholder engagement process convened by the Great Plains Institute and Center for Energy…

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July 5, 2017 | Integrated Systems Planning

EUCI: MN is Adopting a Methodological Approach to Grid Modernization (EUCI)

Minnesota — unhampered by the pressures facing some other states — is taking a step-by-step approach in planning and developing a smart grid, one that could be a template for…

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May 23, 2017 | Blog

Collaboration on Utility Regulation and Grid Modernization in Minnesota Recognized by Regional and National Media

Two recent articles by regional and national media outlets recognize the leadership and impact of the e21 Initiative’s efforts to develop a more customer-centric and sustainable framework for utility regulation…

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May 22, 2017 | Media

Midwest Energy News: In MN, Utilities & Regulators Plan for Grid of the Future

Article highlights the e21 Initiative as one of several key efforts moving Minnesota toward a modernized electric grid. From Midwest Energy News …Utility Dive pointed to Minnesota as one of five…

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May 19, 2017 | Media Benchmarking the U.S. Electricity Grid Against the Eclipse

From On August 21st, the United States will experience a solar eclipse. The eclipse will be visible across the continent … While Californians are outside staring at the sky,…

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