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December 1, 2016 | Grid Modenrnization

e21 Phase 2 Report: Grid Modernization

The basic design of the electric grid has remained largely the same since the first commercial power plant in the United States went into service in 1882. Electricity has for…

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December 1, 2016 | Performance-based Regulation

e21 Phase 2 Report: Perfomance Based Compensation Framework

A central recommendation of the e21 Initiative Phase I Report is the shift to a more performance-based compensation framework, where some portion of the utility earnings is linked to utilities’…

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December 1, 2014 | Grid Modenrnization

e21 Phase 1 Report

A growing and fundamental misalignment exists between the traditional utility business model (and the regulatory framework that supports it), and the realities of today’s marketplace and Minnesota’s public policy goals.

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November 24, 2013 | Blog

The Future of Minnesota’s Electric Utilities: The Sequel

Environmental Initiative’s recent policy forum on “The future of Minnesota’s Electric Utilities” drew a block-buster crowd—you would have thought they were giving away free beer. Especially…

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